Classical Education


What is Classical Education?

True education is a form of repentance. It is a humble admission that we’ve not read all that we need to read, we don’t know all that we need to know, and we’ve not yet become all that we are called to become. -George Grant

Classical education, or liberal arts education, is perhaps the greatest inheritance of Western culture. Classical education emphasizes respecting what has been passed down to us (piety) by training students in the fundamental tools of all knowledge through training in the verbal arts, grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and the mathematical arts, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, leading the learner to contemplate God through the study of philosophy and theology. Ultimately, students are trained to appreciate and imitate God and His works, which are good, true, and beautiful, and to scorn and desire to set to rights all that is amiss and twisted in our fallen world.

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Headmaster Jon McCord briefly answers the question, “What Is A Classical Education?”

Also, see the video below of Jon McCord, Headmaster, talking about classical education and the curricular purpose of Latin.