University Model®

Sons and daughters need to be taught how to live for a purpose larger than themselves (faith in and love for God), how to distinguish right from wrong (truth and morality), how to incorporate positive values into their lives (knowledge and discipline), and how to stand courageously against the negative values that bring harm to themselves and others (brotherly love and community). To do so requires the strategic use of time, that commodity which ever escapes until parents intentionally capture and employ it.

Dr. John Turner, Jr., Character Driven College Preparation

  Family Ministry Specialist for the National Association of University Model Schools (NAUMS) and author of Character Driven College Preparation.

What Is A University-Model School®?

  • Quality, cost-effective, college-preparatory educational alternative that combines the best attributes of home school and traditional education
  • A university-style schedule adapted to the elementary, junior, and senior high levels
  • Professional teachers teaching in their areas of expertise conduct central classroom instruction
  • Elementary students (K5-5th grade) receive two days of classroom instruction per week while secondary students (6th-12th grade) attend class three days per week. Non-class days are spent at home where parents continue instruction and potentially expand into individual areas of interest
  • Provides parents the tools of time, curricular flexibility, academic expertise and resources, in order for them to be confident and effective co-teachers
  • Member, National Association of University-Model Schools®

Headmaster Jon McCord briefly answers the questions, “What is a University-Model® School?