Christian, classical, University Model School
Our Vision
It is our strong and prayerful desire to partner consistently and intentionally with parents to enable students to become educated, thoughtful citizens who purposefully and passionately pursue God. While children are gifted individuals who pursue their own paths, we want every child to be equipped to give his or her life away to the fullest in the service of Jesus Christ and others.


Our Telos

In the Greek New Testament, the word Telos (τέλος) is used to describe the “end” or “goal” of a human life. The scriptures teach us that our telos is not a place, but a person - Jesus Christ. He is the culmination and fulfillment of our journey.

As an education ministry to families, our goal is to graduate students whose affections and actions are rightly ordered by faithfully cultivating a love of God, self, and neighbor at home, school, and in the community. We believe when we are saved by grace through faith, the Holy Spirit empowers us to this end.

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Love of God

Loving, delighting in, and knowing God is the “chief end” of a human life. Our entire curriculum rests upon the belief that all truth, goodness, and beauty are rooted in Him. Our knowledge of God’s creativity and order expands by studying the sciences, maths, and music. We gain a better understanding of God‘s plan of redemption by reading history and literature. We celebrate His goodness as we pray and worship together in chapel, enjoy nature study, and foster relationships with peers and mentors. Thus, the purpose of a Veritas education is to guide men and women along the path of genuine humility and a life-long love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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Love of Self

Both the scriptures and ancient wisdom teach the importance of "knowing thyself.” Only when we come to a right view of ourselves, in comparison to God’s holiness, do we see our need for His saving grace. Veritas helps its students become more self aware by regularly allowing time for reflection. We pause for silent confession during our weekly chapel service where we also remind one another of the good news of Jesus by reading God’s word, singing His praise, and bringing our needs to the Lord in prayer. When students make mistakes and are corrected, they meet the reality that they are fallen but also redeemed and, therefore, are capable of growing in virtue. Our hope is to regularly remind Veritas students of their need for Jesus as well as their potential to grow in Christ-likeness and bear God’s image in all of life.

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Love of Neighbor

As our love for God and the knowledge of our need for grace increases, we are moved to love our neighbor. Students are inspired to this end by reading about human courage in literature and studying virtuous men and women throughout history. The study of science immerses them in God’s creation and prepares them to be faithful stewards who preserve its beauty for future generations. Our House System and service days help students cultivate the habit of humbly loving others through acts of service in their family, at school, or in partnership with ministries throughout our city. In short, the Veritas experience has been designed to help students develop eyes to see and ears to hear how God has worked and is working all around them. Our aim is to inspire them to lovingly give their lives away in the service of Jesus Christ and others.


Our Three Pillars


Veritas aspires to take a comprehensively Christian approach to the education of our children which is shaped by a worldview that teaches us to love God, ourselves, and neighbors in all circumstances.


Classical education emphasizes a respect (piety) for what has been passed down to us. Students are trained in the fundamental tools of all knowledge leading them to contemplate God through the study of philosophy and theology.

University Model

University-Model Schools® have two guiding concerns: to preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationships in which the Christian faith is most effectively fostered and to offer students the opportunity to acquire a high degree of academic achievement.



Veritas is a certified member of University Model Schools International and is in the process of being accredited by AdvancEd.


Our Team

We are privileged to work with wonderful teachers. These men and women seek to follow Christ and disciple our children to cultivate a love for what is good, true, and beautiful!

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